This Morning’s Video Worth Sharing: 5G Phones And Foldable Phones A Bit Of a Reality Check!

By Tim

5G, Foldable phones? Yeah, neither tech is needed right now. Sure the big SoC manufactures are touting 5G compatible, but is it even remotely useful at this point in time? Also my take on smartphones that are foldable. So we are going to get real on both items and would appreciate feedback in the comments!

Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
Xiaomi Foldable Phone Video:  Via Twitter

In the  video I am going to clear up the confusion between Wireless 5 gHz and 5G which are completely different animals. However they do share one similarity and that is range through walls and buildings, etc.

The other is foldable phones and why a tablet with LTE connectivity is a superior choice in many respects. Obviously an 8 inch tablet will absolutely blow away any smartphone for media consumption and in today’s world you can even make phone calls on them.

So let us proceed to that video right now and learn us some cool stuff!

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