Tonight’s First Video Worth Sharing: The Real Truth About 5G Health Concerns!

By Tim

Today we discuss the Real Truth about 5G health concerns. To put it mildly the YouTube world is full of bad, incorrect and outright lies about 5G. We are not talking about the hype of how soon 5G will be here, I covered that already.

We are talking about the scare mongering, hypochondriac idiots who think that 5G is making them feel bad even though they live somewhere that doesn’t have 5G and they might never see it ever.

Videos or Links Mentioned in the video:
there are too many to list, do a search after watching this video.

I watched a few videos on this subject the other day and it is truly amazing how much crap info they are feeding the public.

Normally I would just leave negative comments on the video but one woman was an obvious left wing wacko and she threw out an insult to the military… that pissed me off, so I created the video below.

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