A followup on running a Tablet based WordPress server.

wrench_gear-e14058243889031You can indeed run a small scale WordPress server on a tablet. If you couldn’t you would not be reading this. After about a month of running this site I have reached the conclusion that a small business with a fixed IP address from their cable company,(MediaCom offers this here in Kentucky) , could easily run their business site on a cheap Android tablet.

While you could run off of dynamic DNS, as I do when I am at home, you will have short outages during IP changes.

But a nice basic tablet, with specs at least as good as the ASUS HD7 MeMo pad will do just fine. Especially if the tablet is used as a dedicated server.  Of course if you are expecting 1000 hits per day, go ahead a get some hosting, but if you are looking at 10-50 visitors per day then a tablet is the way to go. Just today I found a site selling refurbished Asus HD 7 MeMo pads for $79, a pretty darned cheap server.

That’s my take on the subject for today. Take it for what it is worth. There are several articles posted on here on how to setup and run your android web server so I won’t bother repeating how to do it except to say, start with this one.

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