A very nice php/MySql based ads program. It is called Revive.

logo-reviveNot every article on this site is about tablets…go figure! After all, for about the last 3 weeks I have had to use the VM Linux server to run this site.  Because although I have proven you can use a Tablet to run a server, I prefer to use my ONE AND ONLY Tablet as a Tablet.

So without further adieu, here is tonight’s news…direct from HQ here in Kentucky.

Since I run several servers simultaneously from the one VMWare installation it is necessary for me to practice all sort of web-guru experimentation. Tonight’s episode is: Revive, the only really good, totally free, PHP/MYSQL ad rotation script available after 20 minutes of Google searches.


Obviously for you WordPress snobs, you know you can run the AdRotate plugin, which I use here. But for those folks who need a very simple site, like a few of those I also play with there are only a few choices, such as cgi-scripts, which work fantastic on .shtml pages as I have over at timpearcy.onmypc.net along with a bunch of easily editable server side includes and even a php script for news feeds (check it out and feel free to use it).

But sometimes you want different type ads shown in different places and this is where Revive comes in! You can do vertical, horizontal, text and even some video adverts. Admittedly the code for the video stuff is probably out of date, but, overall, as an ad solution to run ads on several sites with different zones and even use keywords, this thing will work for you. I am using the Ad-server on stallonsusedcars2.com, another site I run and it works great.

There are a few things you will need to use this script.

  • An FTP server on your server to upload it to your web site.
  • A MySQl server running for the database
  • Half a brain.

And that is tonight’s news….with one tiny piece of super news….I am going to open up the use of this server to anyone out there that just wishes to rotate banners for their small site! How much will this cost? Not a damned thing! But I expect some helpful suggestions on my other sites, etc, etc. Should you need to contact myself with your interest, you can use the contact form on my homepage at: timpearcy.onmypc.net 


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Rivive PHP AdServer

Rivive PHP AdServer

Wide array of settings


Multiple display types


Totally free?


Worth the time?



  • Easy Install
  • Cost
  • Complexity=Easy


  • Older Code
  • Requires MySQL
  • Must possess a brain to install