Tax Returns and Geek Purchases

For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that at times I have questioned and thought about my next steps in order to maintain this site and in some cases totally rid myself of Windoze.

The fact is Windows is the only thing keeping the site alive, since I have decided to run the site via a Debian LAMP stack available from Turnkey Linux.

I have never abandoned the notion that you can run a nifty WordPress site via a tablet, I just wanted my damned tablet back for other uses.  I simply don’t have the budget to waste on a tablet constantly running as nothing but a server. Can it do the job? Oh hell yeah! But a simple virtual machine running on top of my Win 7 install does it just as well.

I won’t ever give up on the idea, just the practicality for a poor working class stiff such as myself.

So it is with great regret I offer my old (is 1 year really “old”??), Asus Memo Pad HD 7 up for sale.  If you happen to be in Western Kentucky you will be able to see the ad on craigslist.

The hell you say? Why are ya selling it? Because I have decided to invest in another fine Asus Tablet known as the ME572C, with a 1.83GHz, Quad Core Intel Atom processor with 2gb ram and a 1920 x 1200 screen.  Blame Best Buy folks, because I found one on sale for $149.99.

Now that doesn’t mean I have given up on Android based servers… but for the foreseeable future, expect this site to remain on a Linux VM.

Let us all keep in mind that a Virtual Machine such as the one this one runs on is also a cool as hell alternative to paying for a big web host…but, as always, that is only my opinion.

Incidentally tonight’s Amazon order included a 1-TB drive and a whole bunch of ram….can you say, zoom, zoom?


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