Plugin Review: Content Views

contentview2So once again I decided to do another plugin test and see if I could break the Tablet server here. I am happy to report that I once again did NOT break the little server and that I once again have found a very useful plugin that you can use on your own Android based server.

The Plugin is called “Content Views” and it allows you to display a list of queries of posts or page in a number of different layouts,  without doing any coding.



It works just like advertised and I was able to create a couple of quick and easy pages/views for use on this site. The home page now displays a short grid list of the last 10 or so posts sorted in descending order.  I also created a page that displays all the featured posts on this website. There are also options to display specific posts or pages by number or exclude posts or pages by number.

You can see both of the pages I created by clicking on either the Home Page or Featured articles link in the top right of the site.

I give this plugin a 5 star rating. It may not be useful for everyone, but it works very well and there is a Pro version with a lot more options.

The author of this post is not connected in any way with the creators of the plugin(s) reviewed and all opinions are strictly his. No guarantees of performance or reliability are either given or inferred.

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