This site is currently my most visited site….but….

VLot demo site

This site is visited anywhere from 20-50 times per day, mostly by folks interested in tablets and other technical info, and for other nefarious purposes I am certain, but the only site I wish folks would visit more is my little car dealer website demo, that shows off some of my PHP skills (okay, I barely manage, but I CAN edit) on a great script called vLot! We all know a local small car dealer, so pass this info on!

I have provided my edited version of the script for free download on my personal site, under the projects heading and I really think that if you are a small car dealership, anywhere, you could run this thing. All you need is cable internet and a Virtual Machine on a half decent PC.

So I invite you folks to check out my personal webpage and also to peruse the cars available on the demo site which is an actual car dealer owned by friends of mine. If you want a similar site set up, let me know and we can work out a deal. My personal site does have a contact form, use it, but don’t send spam, because if you do, I just ban that IP forever.


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