This is a test site running on an android tablet.

I was bored last night so I decided to check on running a web server on my android tablet. I really didn’t expect to find anything but I was mildly surprised to find that you certainly could run one on a tablet or even on your smartphone.

So I went ahead and installed the KSWeb server on my tablet. I then installed WordPress on the tablet. The Ksweb app has Mysql, php5 , ftp and phpmyadmin and a web interface to edit settings.







It works amazingly well. If you are reading this you are accessing my tablet’s web server. Pretty slick isn’t it? I am using it to test some themes for a web site I manage for a local car dealer. Makes it rather easy to play around.

If you would like some serious info and tips on how to accomplish this stuff on your phone or tablet check out this website at

Obviously some features won’t work, such as email (that might be the next project). Below is a shot of the web interface for changing your settings via browser.

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  1. Obviously the Tablet server has received a mild upgrade and moved onto a desktop PC, running a Virtual Machine…

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