Review: bbPress plugin. Simple setup and config make this a great plugin.

As usual I am still attempting to break my little Android server here so I decided to install and test yet another plugin. Tonight’s review is on the bbPress plugin and I have to say that so far it is great.

The config was easy, the options are few, but useful. Basically if you would like to add a forum to your site this is definitely the way to go.  It does appear to use a lot of memory so I won’t be keeping it running on this site.

I had set it up so that anyone can create a topic and reply to a topic. But as of this morning (31Aug14) it appears to be crashing my little server. So I have deactivated it.


I am going to give this plugin 4.5 stars and highly recommend it to someone wanting to create a forum on their site. While it wasn’t functional on my site due to memory restrictions I would hazard a guess than on something with 2gb ram it would run fine.

The author of this post is not connected in any way with the creators of the plugin(s) reviewed and all opinions are strictly his. No guarantees of performance or reliability are either given or inferred.

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bbPress Plugin


Easyto install/config


Number of options


Runs on Android



  • Easy Setup
  • Extremely useful


  • Crashes my tablet server