I decided to go with the older Logitech K480, because you just can’t get the K380 yet.

logitech_k480_two_devices-1Now I realize that I was very excited about the new Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard the other day. It looks like a wonderful product and I am certain it will be a great product.

Alas, it is not yet available for order anywhere, even on Logitech’s site it is only a pre-order. Well, since I have always wanted a fullsize keyboard to use with my tablet and smartphone I decided why not try out the ancient tech, (less than a year old), Logitech K480, which has a slot to hold your devices in? Sure it costs a tiny bit more, but, as always, I managed to shop around and find one on Newegg.com for under $28 with free shipping!

I shall be reviewing said keyboard next week and I promise to write said review using the new keyboard and my tablet.

A short follow up here. Months later I am totally happy that I chose this product. The battery is still  going after months of use and I can use it with my phone and both tablets I own with a turn of a knob. You can also still purchase this keyboard on Amazon.com for roughly $30.

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