I have the shiny new Logitech Keyboard K480 and it does Rock!


The keyboard itself is pretty darn nice and built like a bank vault (heavy and solid). It was easy to setup, uh, install 2 AAA batteries, turn switch on, hit button to connect device, pair device, enter PIN to pair.

It does appear that one of my devices has an issue though. The ME572C tablet, which I am currently using with the K480 to create this article on, seems to almost totally lose wifi signal when the Bluetooth is active. This in NOT a K480 issue as my cheap BLU Studio X has no such problems. (update, as of 09/22/15, after receiving my latest Asus software update, the wifi/bluetooth issue appears to be resolved!). My WiFi now stays connected while using the keyboard and life is good!

So do I like this keyboard? Hell yes, and getting it for almost half price because it is “refurbished”, meaning a brown box and  and no fancy packaging makes it even better. It was a mere $27.99 on Newegg.com and included free shipping. I have never been disappointed by ANY of their refurbished stuff.

Bottom line here is that I give this little product a 9.8 on a scale of 10. Some more pictures below…

…and the video? Look below.

After almost 6 months I am still loving this keyboard! Those batteries I installed 6 months ago, yeah, still running it! And because I now have a case/stand for my 10 .6 inch Dragon Touch X10 tablet I use that yellow slot to hold my flashdrive(s) and my micro-full USB adapter. You can still find it under $30 on Amazon.com.








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Logitech K480


Build Quality


Ease of setup


Bang for the buck





  • Fast,simple useful
  • Well made
  • Super easy to operate
  • Plays nice with Tablets


  • Just a bit heavy