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The New PC is Arriving Tomorrow and The Ram on Friday. How Will I proceed?


Obviously it will be great to actually own a “new ” PC, tablets notwithstanding. So I will have 240 gb to play with initially. So the question arises, do I install Windows 7 or Linux first?

Obviously I will have a 240 gb SSD…

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Another Saturday,Another Edition Of The HiBook News: This Edition, Dealing With Customer Service

By Tim

This week I am dealing with the issue of my Chuwi Hi12 which arrived with a defective display. So far the results are rather dismal. The only advice they gave was to restart the tablet holding down the volume and power keys a…

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Occasionally doing research leads to some fun.

So I am always looking to upgrade my tech toys here. That of course includes my Tablet, which is the reason I set up this server in the first place.

Currently, work obligations have me using my tablet as…oh my god!…a productive …

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This post was copied from the actual Dragon Touch X10 web server. Click here to check it out!

So as I always do on Thursdays I post something to my dragontouch website. Today I have chosen to write the post on the actual d…

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So you wish to run a Web Server? Maybe? If NOT don't Read this!

So every so often it has probably occurred to you thoughts like…”well damn, this twit has a web server running on a damned Tablet! I need to learn how to do that.”

In truth, all the tablet stuff is already covered here on this web…

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Last Night I Mentioned Missing Out On The Chuwi Hi12 Deal, I Was Wrong

By Tim

Click for the Flash sale!I don’t always get my research right especially when I post a bit late in the evening. However, last night I mentioned the Chuwi Hi12 deal on being over and I was surprised tonight to spo…

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About The “Old” Tablet Server

Below you will find some details on the original tablet server:

Tablet PC deals and Promotion

Update: 05/06/2016: I still run a server off a tablet, at a real domain address, which should no longer have any security issues,, the “new Tablet” server is up and running on my Dragon Touch X10 or Asus Z580CA Tablet almost 24 hrs per day.

The actual server hardware:

  • Like the title in the upper left says, this server used to be running on an ASUS HD7 MeMo pad. (Me173X).
  • So we are talking about a plain old 1.2ghz quad-core processor, 1 gb Ram. Not all that fancy and available for about $129 on Amazon.
  • Running Android version 4.2.2

The Web Server Software:

  • The actual web server app is called KSWeb. It includes lighttpd web server, php, Mysql, PHPMyAdmin and FTP software. It is free for 7 days and then costs $2.99, so it is cheap.
  • It is running on port 8080 because you would need to root the device to run on port 80 and I also run a Linux server at home on the default port (80).
  • In order to keep the IP updated constantly I use for free dns services and a little app called Dynamic DNS Update from Ice Cold Apps. That app also keeps the device from sleeping fully. (optional)
  • The actual page here is running on WordPress v4.01 which installed perfectly.
  • This particular site (I have several running for testing) is running the following plug-ins in WordPress (items that are linked have a review with helpful info) :

That is about all there is to it.  To set the entire thing up initially took roughly 30 min. Obviously the editing, tweaking and playing took a lot more time. But if you can install a few apps and put files in the correct folders and do a little port forwarding on your router you can be up and running in no time flat.

For more info on setting up a web server on your Android device you can read this article, which got me started. This short post also has some info from your’s truly on the subject.




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