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About the New Server

linuxVSWindozeI have to admit, as a tech geek, the idea of a tablet based web server was beyond my wildest dreams…except for a Green Bay win in the playoffs.

But, because I simply don’t have the budget for dedicating a tablet to use as ONLY a server, I was eventually forced to upgrade my old Linux, Duron PC from the middle ages to a slightly, (10,000x faster) PC and then , because of my experience with VM’s, move this nice handy little site onto my Dell PC, all tucked away within a single VM file, with 25 gb reserved.

[Now of course we are running on a much newer PC on Windows 10. It is actually a Mini PC, From Zotac, called a ZBox Nano.]

Do not for a minute think that I don’t still believe that any fast ARM-7 based tablet can’t be a web server! Everything I have written is true and they can be a cheap viable host for a small WordPress server! (And I am still running a tablet/notebook based web server at this site!)

But until someone sends me a few bazillion dollars to eat on, I simply can’t afford to waste my Tablet as a dedicated web server. Hence the reason that this server now resides nicely in a Virtual Debian  version 8.8 Linux Web Server, running on a modest 5.3 gb ram and actually hosting multiple sites on what many would consider an under powered PC.

The strangest part of this entire scenario is that Windows 10 Pro is actually the operating system that allows the virtual Linux server to run on VMware and provide you folks with stuff to read. I have now upgraded to the ZBox Mini PC as I run Linux in a VM, which allows me to still use Win 10 Pro for other chores.

So for those of you who may or may not be interested, this is the current setup:

  • Zotac ZBox CI323, Intel N3150 quad-core 1.6GHz, up to 2.08GHz
  • 8 gb 1600 MHz ram
  • 240 gb Silicon Power SSD
  • backups are run to the microSD Card.

That is it folks! Quite simple, efficient, fast and reliable. Not a Tablet anymore, but still neato, as we used to say way back when…BT (before terrorists).

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