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Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Is The Asus Zenfone 6 The New Oneplus Midranger?

By Tim The Zenfone 6 has hit the market and it appears to fill that mid-range segment that OnePlus used ...
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Today’s Video Worth Sharing: OnePlus7 Pro Release Was Strange to Say The Least

By Tim Yesterday the new OnePlus7 phones were released and the hype was rather subdued. The reviewers who got these ...
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Epad X Dual Screen Tablet Has an E Ink Screen and Color Screen

By James A. Dual screen smartphones were vaguely popular (less now with YotaPhone bankrupt), but dual screen tablets haven’t quite ...
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Apple Wins Smart Fabric Patent That Could Trigger Adjustable Light for iPad Pro Keyboard Keys

By Radu Iorga Apple won a ton of patents over the past years, but now we’ve found one related to ...
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Huawei Prepping Two Tablets With 48 Megapixel Sony Camera Sensors

By Radu Iorga Fresh after finding out that Huawei surpassed Samsung to become the second biggest tablet maker after Apple, ...
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Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Sceptre 22 Inch Monitor On The Way!

By Tim Today I have finally done something about the Dell Monitor dying! I ordered the Sceptre monitor I mentioned ...
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Innosaem Concept Smartphone is a Foldable and Stretchable Device, That Turns Into a Tablet

By Radu Iorga We’ve all heard about foldable phones and seen quite a few, either in patents or renders, but ...
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Huawei Beats Samsung on Tablet Market, Now Second Placed After Apple

By Radu Iorga The tablet market has registered a shift in power over the last quarter, as Huawei replaced Samsung ...
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