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One Mix 2 Yoga is Basically a 7 inch Convertible Channeling Smaller Vaios

By James A. Remember netbooks? Remember the smaller Sony Vaio PCs? Well, those are now channeled by the latest Lenovo ...
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Lenovo and LG Display Working on 13 inch Foldable Tablet

By James A. The freshest rumor about foldables comes today and has to do with a project jointly developed by ...
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Chuwi Hi9 Plus to Debut at Global Sources Expo in Hong Kong

By Radu Iorga A new Chuwi tablet is ready for debut and it’ll get its prime time at the Global ...
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Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: AEKU M5 – UnBoxing One Tiny Phone

By Tim Today we have our first phone unboxing! Please don’t be too excited, it is different, but on the ...
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New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Priced at $130, Available With 6 Months of Free Reading

By Radu Iorga It’s getting pretty cold outside, so it’s probably time to stay in bed and read a good ...
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New iPad Pro (2018) Leak Shows Device’s Front, Case and Stylus

By Radu Iorga A new leak of the iPad Pro (2018) has appeared, this time making it look a bit ...
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Full Adobe Photoshop Coming to iPads Soon (Video)

By Radu Iorga Adobe held a MAX event recently and unveiled that its full version of Photoshop is coming to ...
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DT Research Debuts DT301X Rugged Tablet, Military Grade Device for Police Use

By Radu Iorga DT Research has come up with a new rugged tablet, the DT301X model, which is a military ...
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