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Today’s Video Worth Sharing: Another Pretty Good Review Of The Chuwi LapBook Air

By Tim I am a huge fan of the notebook in this review and I will eventually be purchasing one ...
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New Video: Figuring Out Connection Timed Out Errors, No Joy So Far

By Tim So for the last few weeks I keep getting blocked from my sites here. At first I thought ...
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Amazon Alexa Ready to Arrive on Windows 10 PCs in Q1 2018

By Radu Iorga Amazon Alexa is ready to expand and arrive on multiple Windows 10 PCs over Q1 2018, or ...
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OnePlus got pwned, exposed up to 40,000 users to credit card fraud

By Ron Amadeo Enlarge / If you bought directly from OnePlus in the last two months or so, double-check your ...
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Malicious Chrome extension is next to impossible to manually remove

By Dan Goodin (credit: Malwarebytes) Proving once again that Google Chrome extensions are the Achilles heel of what's arguably the ...
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Chuwi Hi9 is Probably the Best 8 inch Gaming Tablet You Can Buy for Less Than $200

By Radu Iorga Remember when the 7 inch or 8 inch tablets ruled? They were excellent gaming devices, but the ...
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Google Fuchsia OS Gets Detailed Demo; This May Replace Android in the Future (Video)

By Radu Iorga I don’t want to get into “memberries”, but remember when Google was prepping fresh new OSes for ...
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LG Patents New Type of Folding Phone, That Becomes a Tablet

By Radu Iorga After so many leaks of foldable Samsung or Microsoft phones that may or may not become tablets, ...
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