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New Member Rules

Read and heed!  Anyone can sign up to be a member on this site. You will automatically have contributor status. That means you can create posts. Not a bad deal right? Not at all! If you have a viable input related to this site!

However, if you should choose to post a bunch of crap with links to your own website and to some sort of sales crud there will only be one outcome. Those posts will be deleted and NEVER APPEAR on this site. All contributed posts go to the pending queue.

So do not waste my time and yours thinking you can use this site to make money. Contribute or not!

That is all,


One thought on “New Member Rules”

  1. Just here trying to find your email address Tim. If you could get back to me with that please. I reset my password on here so that I could PM you. It’s not seeming to work right for me. Any help is gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Josh

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