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While You Are Buying All Those Great Tablets and Smartphones for Xmas Don’t Forget the Small Stuff!

accessories-1This is the Holiday Season and you are probably looking at all sorts of nifty tablets and smartphones and other devices which will invariably require some accessories.

Do yourself a favor and get those accessories right from the start. You will need a few items for certain among them a multi-device charger and probably an adapter or two such as a  USB-C to standard USB adapter, perhaps a longer USB cable or USB to USB to USB-C cable. Below are a few handy items I found on Gearbest today.

orico-4portFirst on the list is an Orico 4 port USB charger with 2 x 2.4a ports and 2 x 1a ports. It has automatic shutoff and is reasonably priced at $12.52.



orico-2-4portAnother option is this Orico 4 port USB charger with a bit less power than the one mentioned above but an equally great price of only $10.82.



usb-c-to-usb-otgIf your device has a USB C type port you may want to grab one of these handy OTG adapters that allow charging and data transfer. You can also plug in your wireless mouse dongle or connect a USB keyboard, etc. You can get one for about $1.54.

2m-usbc-usb-cableDon’t forget that most devices you get nowadays come with very short cables for charging. So get yourself a 2 M (6ft) cable like one of these for around $2.02.

There may be other adapters and cables you might need and you can find them all, with free shipping at Gearbest.com.


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