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Still Being Puzzled by My Web Site Admin Issues!

By Tim

This is really, really frustrating and the web host has been of little to no help. But once I go into my admin panel in WordPress after a few edits or posting a new post, I am unable to connect to the site!

Worse yet I can’t connect to any of my sites once the connection is broken, which all reside on the same IP!

So if anyone has a clue as to why this maybe happening, I would certainly appreciate the help!

You can leave a comment here, but DO NOT leave a URL otherwise it will get auto-deleted…sorry. Leave comments in the YOUTube post below.

The sound, as usual, isn’t perfect, but you can see the issue easily. This is not just a VPN issue, it happens when connected via cable or phone hot spot directly!

That is all for now,


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