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The Second Video Worth Sharing Today: The Full Review on the HP Envy X2 Win 10 on ARM 2 in 1 PC

By Tim

This one comes to us from Andrew over at AMDTech and covers the details on the HP Envy X2 using Win10 on ARM.

The battery life is amazing but the new tech here suffers from, well, being bleeding edge, but not yet refined. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 works okay, but doesn’t handle 64 software at all.

As usual this is another well made, brutally honest review, which is why you should be subscribed to Andrew’s channel! We did post the initial impressions review a few weeks back and you can find that one right here.

So let us get right to that video and see what Andrew has to say!

That will about cover it for the moment,


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