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Car Demons Plugin Review

Question-MarkSo lately I have been using one of the test sites here to test out a nifty plugin that I was interested in. It is called Car Demons and is a very nice, well written plugin that I talked about in a previous post on the yourfreewordpress site.

There is great support and there are a few glitches. The basic concept is great! But…and there are the usual “buts” here. You do need to be quite the WP Guru to use it and even after hashing out the issues I had at first,  that involved not having the mod-rewrite module loaded in Apache, I still have one single HUGE issue.

That “huge” issue is the cars display fine but the damned prices don’t! Let’s face it folks, when people are “shopping” for a car, what the hell is their main priority? Yeah, price! I can get past the fact that the writer of the plugin uses some funky language to describe certain features, such as Anti-Brake? Yeah, that would be anti-lock brakes, at least here in the USA. And featuring Tire pressure Monitoring as a feature? Well, it has been mandatory here since 2008. But those minor issues aside, the price thing is just bugging the hell out of me!

So once again I am asking for a wee bit of help here.  Go on over to yfwp3.yourfreewordpress.com and login as yfwp3 with a password of…yfwp3 and proceed to the fixing!  Do whatever it takes. This is a dev site, so if you break it totally it is a simple matter of re-uploading a few files and starting again. Have at it folks!

The author of this post is not connected in any way with the creators of the plugin(s) reviewed and all opinions are strictly his. No guarantees of performance or reliability are either given or inferred.

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