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After a bit of Whining on my part, it appears the latest Asus update has fixed my Wifi/Bluetooth issues.

me572So last week I got this super cool Logitech 480 Bluetooth keyboard and it worked perfectly with every device in the house with the glaring exception of my ME572C  Asus Memo Pad. I am happy to report that after the latest software update, those issues appear to be gone, which means I can now do all my work, from wherever I want using the handy B/T keyboard and my trusty, super fast tablet!

Just thought I would share that…for those who own one, my current software info is showing this version: LRX22C.WW_EPAD-

update: 09/24/2015, okay, it fixed it about 50% of the time. About half the time it will run fine and the other half the signal drops off from the WiFi.

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