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Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: A Comparison of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13 VS the 15

By Tim

Both of the notebooks mentioned in the title are fast have similar processors and GPU’s but there are some serious drawbacks to the 13. 3 inch Mi NoteBook Air 13 (13.3 inch).

This video is from Chris over at TechTablets and covers the differences between the 2 notebooks admirably. Make sure to use the Iink provided to visit his channel.

The smaller device is obviously lighter and because both units use a similar display the display on the smaller one looks better. But, then we run into the negatives.

For me the main reason for a small notebook would be portability, battery life and no worries about overheating. The bottom line is that when you start using a high end processor in a super slim chassis then you are going to have issues.  For now I will stick to the Apollo Lake N3450 powered machines which can get day to day work done, never overheat and cost a boatload less than the 13.3 inch high end devices.

But of course that is just me. Feel free to spend your money for whatever it is you need.

So let us get right to that video…

If you must have a small thin note book I still recommend the LapBook Air from Chuwi. However you need to look for flash sales on it right now, because they are charging too much at most retail sites.

That is all I have for now,


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