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Today’s First Video Worth Sharing: I Need This Phone! NUU G3 5.7 Inch Review!

By Tim

All too often we are captivated by the looks and pricing of so called “flagship” phones and we fail to realize there are a lot of less expensive, high quality, phones out there on the market!

The NUU G3 is one of those phones and the video below comes to us from Andrew over at AMDTech. This is a top notch performer and the price comes in at under $200! No, it is not a replacement for the techno-idiots who must have “more horsepower”, but it will get the job done and at the price you simply can’t beat the specs!

Perhaps I will one day get one of these, so I can do a giveaway on my BLU Studio Energy 2  phone, which is smaller, has an AMOLED display and a HUGE 5000 mAh battery, but it does need updating.

So let us move on to the video from Andrew and make sure to check out his channel which is ro say the least fantastic!

That is all I have at this moment, except to remind folks about the new YouTube channel we have and to ask folks to donate or send products to test!


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